Get Skin, Media, Base, Js, Image URLs in Magento

In magento we always need urls in phtml files.

Magento is a huge platform. It cannot be explain in one blog. But most of the developers wants the base_url, skin_url, media_url, current_url and many more. In that case you need search on google and find what is the appropriate codes for those. So I am making your task easy by writing this post where you can find the most used url codes. I you need more urls then you can comment so that I can modify my post.

So here you can find some most used codes to get magento urls in phtml files:

Get Store Url:

Get Base Url:

Get Media Url:

Get Skin Url:


skin url out side magento store

Get Js Url:


Get Skin Image Url:

How to get urls in cms blocks and cms pages:

Get Base Url :

{{store url=""}}

Get Media Url :

{{media url=''}}

Get Skin Url :

{{skin url=''}}

Get Skin Image Url :

{{skin url='images/image_name.jpg'}}


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