Beginner’s Guide to Magento

Now a days, Magento is the most famous solution for ecommerce. The Magento e-commerce platform allows you to sell anything in your store. They provides lots of features to your web store. You can inetgrate payment gateways, shipping details etc. They also allow you to Digital products, physical products, downloadable products etc. Magento has three editions: Communnity, Magento Go, and Enterprise. We use mostly Magento community edition which is an open-source software for developers and eacy to install on our own websites. It is free to download, but does not come with support, built-in security, and some MagentoGo and Enterprise features and functionality. You can create your own packages and templates. You can also install theme via magento connect. Magento connect is the package installer for magento. You can find magento connect in your magento admin.

You can add, edit or delete products from magento admin. You can also manage you sales like orders, invoices, packing-slips, shipments etc. Easy to install payment gateways, shipping methods, products related modules. You find your all modules in app/etc/modules directory in you magento root folder. You can also disable and enable module from magetno backend. You also design custom layout for each product, also manage inventory, replated products, cross-sell products, custom options etc. I will describe all those product related things in my next blog.

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